Benefits of eating Halal

There are many reasons why a lot of Muslims don’t eat halal. In this post, I’m going to tell you the benefits of doing so InshaAllah and how it can help you as a person.

Number 1. Eating Halal can help with weight loss. If you live in an EU country or North America see fast food is really bad and can be addicting and could be one of the many reasons a lot of Muslims don’t eat halal and can be the main cause of weight gain and fat. Before you step into your local McDonalds think for a second “Is this right”? See, when you enter the McDonalds, for example, all you think about is the food and how good it’ll be, but never is it Halal. Is this what Allah wants? Is it this pure for my soul? So my brothers and sisters, answer me this: Why would you eat something unhealthy and even worse not Halal?

Number 2. You get closer to Allah and will gain good deeds if you go out of your way to find Halal meat. You’re also obeying Allah.

Number 3. Here I’m going to let Allah speak for himself. Chapter 2:168: “People, eat what is good and lawful from the earth, and do not follow Satan’s footsteps, for he is your sworn enemy.

Written by Darin and with the help of the Hikmah Central server

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