How primitive!

“Your religion is so primitive, you should adapt to modern times!”, if you are a Muslim and you are living in the west, then there is a high chance that you have heard this sentence before.

You don’t want your daughter to go to a mixed gym? How primitive!

You are a Muslima and you cover your hair and dress modestly? How primitive!

You refuse to shake hands with people who are non-mahram? How primitive!

You still believe in gender roles? How primitive!

You would not date a person of the same gender? How primitive!

I could spend days writing about the various things in Islam that people label as primitive, but I think you get the point. The question now is, why do they use this phrase so often against Muslims? The answer is easy: It makes us feel inferior. Try closing your eyes and think about a primitive human being, what do you see? I see a dirty and smelly man grunting and acting animalistic. Naturally, we would find that person disgusting. However, if that man is not aware of his current state, for example, due to mental reasons, we would probably feel pity.

When Muslims get called primitive, it triggers inferiority, because we are Muslims by our own will, so in the eyes of the speaker, we decide to be that primitive man by our own choice. Unfortunately, this tactic works perfectly, we can see that many Muslims are ashamed of their religion and are suffering from an inferiority complex, feeling the need to always justify their beliefs as if being a Muslim is something you should be ashamed of.

The irony of this is, that it’s exactly the other way around. Islam protects us from behaving in animalistic and primitive ways, liberalism, on the other hand, does the exact opposite. Let me ask you: Do animals wear clothes or dress modestly? Do Animals care if someone watches them enjoying each other? Do animals care whether their partner is a male or female when they are in heat? Do animals have marriage? The answer is simple: They don’t.

Does the liberalist care if he’s dressed immodestly? Does the liberalist care if he has sex before marriage? Does the liberalist care if he is in a relationship with the same sex? Does the liberalist care if you see him engaging in public faahisha? I think you know the answer yourself.

So let’s ask ourselves this: To whom does the phrase “How primitive!” apply, to Muslims or to the ones accusing Muslims of this?

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